NEW: Maison Lacaille Pastas

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Homemade, artisanal pastas that are to die for – or at least to toss your low-carb diet out the window for. Emmanuel’s raviolis are so light and delicious and wonderful. We’ve tried the smoked swordfish, mozzarella & pistou and vegetarian and loved them all. And by ‘we’ I mean my three-year-old is polishing off the last smoked swordfish one now.

The ravioli are flash frozen immediately after being made and are kept in stock at all times. The pastas are made fresh to order within 24-48 hours (minimum for a single order is 1 kilo) and can be frozen to be stored if you’d like.

Delivery is free for orders of 10,000cfa or more, but also available for a small fee for smaller orders. You can also pick up your order from Emmanuel.

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Homemade raviolis made with fresh eggs. Each container has 2 dozen raviolis and serves one person. Cook the raviolis for 2 minutes and 15 seconds in boiling, salted water.

  • Goat cheese and spinach raviolis, 2 dozen for 2100 cfa
  • Smoked swordfish raviolis, 2 dozen for 2200 cfa
  • Beef and forest mushroom raviolis, 2 dozen for 2100 cfa
  • Boeuf daube nicoise raviolis, 2 dozen for 2100 cfa
  • Shrimp bisque raviolis, 2 dozen for 2300 cfa
  • Mozzarella and pistou raviolis, 2 dozen for 2100 cfa
  • Three cheese raviolis, 2 dozen for 2200 cfa
  • Vegetarian raviolis, 2 dozen for 2000 cfa

Fresh pastas
Tagliatelles / fusilli / spaghetti / girolles / mafalda

100% superior quality semoule de blé dur and fresh eggs. Cook the pastas for 1 minute and 15 seconds in boiling, salted water.

Available plain or colored, with vegetables, spiced or natural flavors. Packaged in 500g bags, each serving 4-6 people.

  • Plain or Parsley, 3750cfa
  • Basil, Tomato, Red or Green Peppers or Carrot, 3950cfa
  • Spinach, Tomato-Basil, Lemon, Lemon Pepper or Hot Pepper, 4150cfa
  • Seafood, Cepes Mushrooms, Poivre Vert, Morel Mushrooms or Roquette Greens, 4300 cfa
  • Squid Ink, White Truffle, Bitter Cacao or Saffron, 4500cfa

A galette of lightly fried parmesan-crusted risotto. Sauté in butter for 1-2 minutes. Packaged as single serving of six pieces, 2000cfa.

Maison Lacaille (Emmanuel)
Order by phone: 78 144 10 14 / 77 343 73 02


Dakar’Epices is a specialty store located in Ngor that imports spices and condiments from the US. For orders under 10,000cfa, delivery fee within Dakar is 1000cfa. For orders over 10,000cfa, delivery is free! Call to order: 773335770.

Find them on Facebook here.

sauce barbecue au miel
Spicy honey barbecue sauce : 2 500 F


Ranch dressing chipotle : 2 500 F


Honey mustard dressing and dip : 2 500 F

Adobo seasoning

Adobo seasoning : 5 000 F

Ail granulé

Garlic : 4 500 F

Attendrisseur de viande 908g

Meat tenderizer : 4 500 F

Black Pepper

Black pepper : 5 900 F

Blue Cheese
Blue cheese dressing and dip : 2 500 F


Cinnamon : 3 900 F


Chives : 3 900 F


Curry : 4 500 F

Dispo en version LIGHT
Ranch dressing classic : 2 500 F


Ginger : 4 900 F

Jerk seasoning

Jerk seasoning : 5 000 F

Lemon & Pepper

Lemon and pepper : 5 000 F

Muscade moulu

Nutmeg : 9 500 F


Paprika : 3 900 F

Piment de Cayenne

Cayenne red pepper : 3 900 F

poudre d'ail

Garlic powder : 4 500 F

poudre d'oignon

Onion powder : 3 900 F

Poultry seasoning

Poultry seasoning : 5 000 F


Thousand island dressing creamy : 2 500 F

Tabasco : 59 mL (1 800 F) et 148 mL (3 000 F)

Vinaigrette à l’italienne
Italian dressing and marinade : 2 500 F

vinaigrette à la framboise
Vinaigrette Raspberry : 2 500 F

Vinaigrette balsamique : 2 500 F


There’s a new chicken in town!

Well, quite a few new chickens actually. Amadou Fall raises chickens (2 kilos and up) that he will deliver to your door. He is fluent in English, having lived in the US for a long time. The chickens are plucked and cleaned. Delivery within Dakar for orders of 10 chickens or more is a flat fee of 1000cfa. For smaller orders, Sen Express can deliver them for 3000cfa.

Amadou’s chickens come highly recommended by a Dakar Eats reader who says they are (and I quote the caps), “EXCELLENT!” and that she has been, “satisfied with every delivery thus far!”

Call Amadou to order: 77 705 9234

Thanks for this info, KG! Does anyone else have tips or recommendations to share? Contact us!

3 tips: oysters, honey and dairy

A Dakar Eats reader sent the following tips and information to share:

– If you like oysters, Norbert grows some in La Somone and they are fantastic. He delivers once a week to Dakar and you can order by calling him at 77 777 0540. (You can also find oysters at Dakar City Casino for 5700cfa/dozen.)

– Do you know “Miel de Casamance”, the honey from southern Senegal? Lamine Mane brings high quality honey to Dakar. His prices are very good and he will deliver for orders of 3 liters or more. To order, call him at 77 208 9935.

Club Dolima delivers great full cream milk and yoghurts (plain or vanilla). The company is Fairtrade, and the taste is fantastic. You can order by completing a form on their website and they deliver to each area of Dakar on specific days of the week.

Thank you so much, Alice! Does anyone else have tips to share? Contact us!

Ooh la la! Mark your calendars.

On Thursday, March 19th, more than 1,300 restaurants in 150 countries across five continents will celebrate French gastronomy by featuring French meals that will pay tribute to a living kitchen, open and innovative, and mindful of both the planet and eating well.

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Here in Senegal, three restaurants have chosen to meet the challenge of this global event under the banners of sharing and conviviality.

Dakar’s participating restaurants:
Le Cozy – Chef Mohamed Haidar (see menu below)
Le Terrou Bi – Chef Stéphane Loquin

And in Mbour:
Allo Chef ô Mille Délices – Chef Amy Ndiaye

While each of the chefs in these establishments will develop and offer a menu « à la française » made ​​from fresh seasonal products from the local terroir, they are also free to include elements of their own cultural cuisines.

The menu « à la française » will include a traditional French apéritif, a cold starter, a hot starter, a fish or seafood course, a meat/poultry course, a French cheese or selection of cheeses, a chocolate dessert, French wines and digestif. The price for the menu is at the discretion of the restaurant and each one is encouraged to donate 5% of sales to a local NGO working towards respect and health of the environment.

Click here for Terrou-bi’s Menu for March 19th.

Le Cozy’s Menu for March 19th

Foie gras et pastrami de Bœuf, champagne fraise et melon

Entrée froide
Saumon, avocat, betterave, vue et revue chez nous !

Entrée chaude
Cappuccino de crustacés, chips et écume d’agrume

Dos de Turbo aux olives, jus de poivron, purée d’ail, douce

Carré de Boeuf, croquettes parmentière et jus de Veau au poivre noir

Triangle de Brie, cracotte au parmesan et marmelade de tomate

Rôti au chocolat noir, jus aux 3 saveurs

Marché ASD in Dakar

One great market initiative for local and organic products, two great shopping options! Dakar’d Marché ASD Dakar is an initiative of the Sell-Sellal cooperative which is made up of smaller producers using sustainable agriculture in partnership with Enda Pronat.

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Option 1: Shop for yourself.

Visit one of these weekly locations and load up your basket with the best and the freshest.
– Tuesdays 9am-4pm in Plateau across from Café Layu.
– Wednesdays 9am-4pm in Almadies across from Café Layu/CityDia.
– Fridays 9am-4pm in Point E at Clos Normand.
Tip: Tuesdays thru Sundays in Parc de Hann you can buy remaining produce at discounted produce.

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Option 2: Let ASD shop for you.
Place your order online, choosing from three basket sizes (tutti = small at 3000cfa, xaatie = medium at 5000cfa, bari = large at 10 000cfa) then just swing by and pick it up. In addition to the basket, you can also order additional seasonal produce by the kilo or jams, teas, grains and other products by their partners.

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 9.28.13 PM

Bonus option: Order your basket of produce online, then have Sen Express pick it up and deliver it to you!

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The Sell-Sellal cooperative also invites you to shop eat local and natural by patronizing the following vendors at the ASD market. Please note that you can call in advance to place your order if you would like.

° Italian-style cow’s cheese, Mr. Badji (77 504 82 65)
° Phyllo dough and other treats, Louise (76 591 03 09)
° Mango vinegar from GIE WAARE and local grains from GIE UCT, Mme Yama Ndiaye (77 300 78 65)
° Coconut-based specialities by Bégué Coco, Emma (77 403 1598)

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