Sunu Makane, chez Seck, on Ile de Ngor


Our favorite restaurant off the main beach of Ile de Ngor is called Sunu Makane, Chez Seck. If you tell the guys selling boat tickets that’s where you’re headed, they’ll put you on the nicer motorboats for the ride over. (Same price – 500 cfa roundtrip.)


The food is fresh and good, the service is friendly and quick and the prices are better than the mainland (peninsuland?). We’ve tried the yassa thiof (grilled whole fish with caramelized onion sauce over rice), yassa poulet, brochettes de boeuf, brochettes de lotte, garlic sautéed shrimp and seafood pasta. All get thumbs up!

(Also, Astou is one of the THE best servers in all of Dakar!)



Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 8.53.31 PM

NEW: Teral Grill in Ouakam

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 5.28.17 PM

Teral Grill’s owner has two priorities: fast service (15 minutes max for hot meals) and high quality, local ingredients. He buys from all local producers, uses only fresh meats (no frozen), rice from Fleuve regions and gets its fresh fruit and vegetables daily from Castor market. They have a variety of condiment sauces made on-site – everything but the mustard! There are usually two lunch rushes (one around noon for students and one after 1pm for business people in the area), but we found the service to be fast and efficient. (And we recommend the marinated grilled chicken and seasoned brochettes de lotte with aloco!)


Momo, the owner of Teral Grill, attended Jean Mermoz before studying finance and economics in France. He wanted to return to Dakar to start a restaurant with a local connection, and would like to eventually open restaurants in Paris and then New York.


Although they’ve only been open just over a month, the lunch crowd seems pretty faithful. They offer a daily Senegalese dish for the lunch special and Haoussa-style dibiterie grilled lamb and chicken all day long. Wood-fired pizzas are available on the dinner menu.




Teral Grill
route de Ouakam, across from Pharmacie Ouakam, near the Total gas station roundabout
Open 9am-midnight daily.
Delivery available and soon-to-be on Hellofood.
Find them on Facebook.





Yum-Yum opens in downtown Dakar!

Starting Monday, April 20th at 7am, Yum-Yum fans in Plateau can call 33 822 65 65 to order a great breakfast baguette or delicious pizza delivered to their home or office. For the first weeks, the delivery area will be restricted to the very center of town (Medina not included). 

Welcome to downtown, Yum-Yum!

See their newest menu below.   


NEW: Carimoux


I first learned of Carimoux in a very unusual way. We were on our way back to Dakar from Saly when about 25 nice motorcycles zoomed past us, much to my three-year-old son’s delight. Later that evening as I was scrolling through my Instagram feed I saw a picture of the same motorcyclists (or ‘motards’ as the French say) at a cute little coffee shop kind of place. A little Internet research led me to find the newly opened Carimoux on rue Galande Diouf, right near Bio 24.


If you know that area, you’ll appreciate the escape that Carimoux gives you. :) Inside are high ceilings with good lighting and on a terrace shaded by leafy vines. It’s very clean and smells like good coffee and waffles. Plus the entire menu is in English. Sold!


Carimoux has been open for about three months and are a legit coffee shop (with wifi, y’all) that actually differentiates between a latte and a cappuccino – and nails the coffee service. The menu includes some great breakfast treats like waffles with bananas and Nutella, crepes with (halal) ham and cheese, double chocolate muffins and assorted pastries. You can download the full menu here.


Despite the fact that we were there before noon, I can happily attest to the deliciousness of their frozen yogurt. Creamy, rich and wonderful. Go for the yaourt glacé with fruit (mango, berries and more). Make it a large for 4000cfa and share with a friend… or two.


Their lunch menu has salads, sandwiches and also hot options as well like quiches, gratins and pastas. Based on the breakfast we had, I would totally go back for lunch and top it off with one of their ice cream desserts.

(On a related note, I will no longer dread visits to Bio 24!)

4 rue Galande Diouf
Tel: 77 261 3636 (Nicole speaks English!)

Find them on Facebook.

Open 7:30 am to midnight.

Blanche Neige gelato


I’m filing this one under ‘good to know’. Blanche Neige in Ouakam, next to the Total station and just around the corner form Yum-Yum, has a very respectable selection of Italian gelato (Their words, not mine. I don’t know enough about gelato specs to say if it truly is or not). We tried three flavors and all three were great. I especially loved the coconut with real coconut flakes.


And the prices were great! Although we never did figure out the pricing structure. The menu said 500cfa for one scoop or 1000cfa for three scoops. We ordered a one-scooper and a two-scooper and the total was 1300cfa. For that price and enjoying it as much as we did, I’m not going to ask questions. But I will be back!

1 liter is 400cfa and delivery is available. Dangerous combo there.



This week at CityDia Mermoz


SPOILER ALERT: CityDia now carries frozen asparagus!

This is among many other new frozen food additions. The stockers at the Mermoz location pointed out that the store has added MANY, MANY new products from Spain. I took a few quick pictures but really it’s far more than you see here and definitely worth checking out, especially if you’re looking for new meal ideas.

Let us know what you find that you like!



LOTS of new frozen vegetable and vegetable mixes.



Artichoke hearts, kernel corn, flat beans, chard…



Quick meal options



More pizzas and cheese breads



Frozen pizza crusts (but I’ll keep ordering mine from Marie!)



Egg rolls….



A nice selection of soy milks and other drinks



Breading mixture


Tempura mix


NEW: Ngor Lounge

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 7.45.38 PM

It all started when my friend posted a picture on Facebook of this gorgeous bowl heaped full of clams in creamy sauce with golden French fries on the side. I had to have some.


lopgo jpgThe recently opened Ngor Lounge is a breath of fresh, seaside air on ‘beach road’ in Almadies. It’s more upscale than the usual beach shacks (not that they aren’t great and appreciated too!), but not pretentious or fussy. Just really good seafood with an amazing view, cool breeze, beautiful pool and deck. And the service is has been very good on both of my visits to the Ngor Lounge – which is no small thing in Dakar.


If you’re not into seafood, the steak is ‘as good as La Parilla’ according to my friend. But for those of us into clams, mussels, tuna steaks and all that comes from the water, the menu gives too many good options.


The new Ngor Lounge is located at the the end of the petite Corniche des Almadies, almost all the way down to the new Sheraton. It’s just before the Restaurant Ngor / Aux Pieds dans l’Eau.







menu 1.

menu 2.