Cheesecake delivery!

First thing you need to know: Pape’s pumpkin cheesecake on cookie crust is really good. Like ‘keep going back to the fridge for just one more bite’ good.

Pumpkin cheesecake

Pumpkin cheesecake

Second thing you need to know: Order by Monday evening for Thanksgiving deliveries.

Pape Gueye taught himself to bake starting with boxed brownie mixes. About eight years ago, he progressed to baking from scratch at home. His family and friends were the beneficiaries of his late-night experiments, ranging from French chocolate cakes to “Midnight Cake” recipes that he created from whatever he had on hand. His next step in baking was to chose recipes at random and then make them, even if he knew they were above his skill level, in order to teach and stretch himself.

In 2010, while Pape was at university, his sister suggested he start taking cake orders on the side and deliver them to customers around in Dakar. This small business started off with plain cheesecake, strawberry cheesecake, double chocolate cake and carrot cake.

Pape’s (totally legit and delicious) cheesecakes are made with real cream cheese on a cinnamon-spiced cookie crust. Cheesecakes are 20,000cfa each and delivery in Dakar is included in this price. Varieties include:
- Vanilla
- Chocolate
- Lemon
- Pumpkin
(Mango and strawberry when in season.)

Other cakes and cupcakes available as well. (Highly recommend the double-chocolate cupcake!)

Double chocolate cupcake

Double chocolate cupcake

77 289 8192. Order 48 hours in advance. Speaks impeccable English.

Third thing to know: In addition to baking delicious sweets, Pape is also a poet. And he’s single, ladies!

NEW Bayékou

I love how quickly new places (good ones!) are opening in Dakar. I feel like for every new place I try, two more pop up. Not a bad problem to have!

photo 1

The most recent ‘it’ place we’ve been is Bayékou restaurant in Ngor village (not on the island). It first showed up on my radar via their Facebook page, and I love a good restaurant that is active on social media. Then I started hearing from people who had eaten there and all loved it. They raved about the beautiful setting, the relaxing ambiance and fun vibe, the incredible Italy-inspired food…

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 8.52.47 PM

And they were right. You have to see this place – sit up on its rooftop terrace and soak it in – to believe that it’s in Dakar. And the food is every bit as good as everyone says (ceviche!). Prices are very reasonable, but portions are small. I’d love to see a broader menu eventually, but they are doing what they do very, very well.

photo 4

photo 5

Sample daily menu

Sample daily menu

Located in Ngor, back behind the Shell station and just off the parking lot where you go to get on the boat to the island.
Tel: 77 681 38 88

DWG Christmas Bazaar

The Dakar Women’s Group presents the 2014 Christmas Bazaar, the best shopping day of the year!

This year there will be 100 vendors and a bake sale. The Bazaar will be held at ISD from 10am to 5pm on Saturday, November 22nd. Entry fee is 1000 CFA/adult and 500 CFA/children up to age 12. Bring the whole family! Proceeds go to charities in Dakar and surrounding areas.

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 1.05.23 PM

DWG Bazaar poster

Found: 8 Thanksgiving turkeys!

Only 8 turkeys left from a farmer in Thies who will deliver to Dakar on November 26th!

The price is 3,500F per kilo and the turkeys range between 5 and 7 kilos. Each turkey will be plucked, cleaned, bagged and delivered to Dakar Academy after the school dismissal on Wednesday, November 26th just in time for the holidays.

Contact Matt at 77 194 3955 or ASAP to reserve your bird, indicating the size of turkey and number of turkeys you are interested in ordering and they will confirm each order as they come in.

* A few have also asked if turkeys will be available during the Christmas holidays and we are hopeful that another farmer will make his turkeys available, so if you would like to put in an advance order for Christmas, please let Matt know that and they will confirm these orders in early December.

Planning for Thanksgiving in Dakar

Now is the time to start gathering all you’ll want for a festive Dakar Thanksgiving! Here’s a general checklist to be sure you’ve got your bases covered in time. Please comment below if you have anything to add!

Let’s talk turkey.
Due to restrictions on importing poultry, the options are quite limited. These are the best bets:

Poulet Express will have very, very few turkeys available due to shortages this year. You’ll need to call to reserve your bird. 33 842 9686 or 33 821 5888.

Hanne in Louga has 10 turkeys available, each 4.5-6 kilos. Sold by the kilo without feathers 5.500 CFA. Call 77 524 42 22 or email to reserve before Nov. 20th and to arrange pick up or delivery. Can be delivered fresh or frozen.

Casino grocery stores and Hypermarché Exclusive on the VDN have also carried turkeys in the past. Again, best to reserve. (A word of warning, two years ago some turkeys from Casino were said to have a fishy taste because they had been raised on food containing, well, fish.)

Still following up on two other turkey leads, so stay tuned!

(Or ham)
If you’re not set on having something that said ‘gobble’ on your table, here’s a recently found option for glazed ham that has definite potential.

Between tapalapa bread and cornbread, I think most recipes should work here.

Good looking celery was spotted recently at CityDia!

Sweet potatoes
Great news! Locally grown orange sweet potatoes have hit the market and are available at CityDia, Castor Market and other places around town – and quite reasonable at 690cfa/kilo.

Local white sweet potatoes aren’t quite right in terms of texture and taste. But carrots work surprisingly well for casseroles and soufflés. (I usually use 4 carrots to every 1 local sweet potato in my recipes. And I’m not above adding a little red/yellow food coloring to make it look right!)

Mashed potatoes
No probs.

Green bean casserole
The American Food Store in Almadies often carries cream of mushrooms soup, and so does Hypermarché Exclusive. You can also buy the powdered soup mix at CityDia. Or make a white sauce, add frozen mushrooms and cube of beef bouillon. This stuff is what you want to look for.

Good news on the crunchy onions front! The oignons croustillants available in the apéritifs section at Casino and Hypermarché work great. And I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the American Food Store has them in stock this time of year.

Cranberry sauce
I think we’re counting on the American Food Store for this one, unless Hypermarché still has some on the shelves like they did a couple months back.

From a reader: If you want to enjoy the taste of fresh cranberries all year long, now is the time to stock up on fresh bissap (roselle), as it will be gone soon. Have your housekeeper or a local friend help you get a bunch at the market, wash, chop, and freeze it in small Ziplock bags, and use in any recipe calling for fresh cranberries. Delicious!

For recipes that call for cranberries, you can often substitute… bissap flowers! Just rehydrate them in boiling water, cool and chop. Here’s an example in these white chocolate & bissap oatmeal cookies.

Deviled eggs
Local buutik eggs + cornichons + mayonnaise + paprika (Hypermarché). You’re all set. Here’s a recipe using locally available ingredients.

All ingredients available here, even whole wheat flour if you’re going healthier this year. If you want to get ahead of the game, you could order yeast rolls from Marie and freeze them. On Thanksgiving, just thaw, heat and serve.

Pecan pie
As far as I know, pecans and Caro syrup are not available in Dakar. Does anyone know differently? Has anyone seen them at the American Food Store? Does Hypermarché sell a UK equivalent to Caro under another name?

Frozen pastry crusts are available at most grocery store chains.

Pumpkin pie
Again, carrots save the day! Seriously. Try it. You’ll be amazed. (Carrot purée can also be used in all those pumpkin recipes filling your Pinterest feed.) You can also use local potiron, but I prefer carrots.

All the spices are available individually at Hypermarché, with the exception of occasionally hard-to-find ground cloves.

Frozen pastry crusts are available at most grocery store chains.

As they say in America… bon appétit!