All-you-can-eat-pancakes at M&M Bistrot!

Cover all u can eat pancakes

All-you-can-eat-pancake breakfast begins at 10am on Saturday and Sunday, this weekend only at M&M Bistrot!

Buttermilk 2 500 f (my favorite!)
Raisin 3 000 f
Strawberry 3 000 f
Caramel Banana 3 000 f
Chocolate Chips 3 000 f
Caramel Almond 3 300 f
Build your own 3 500 f

(To-go orders are not part of this promotion.)

Profil 2

M&M Bistrot
Route de Ngor, across from restaurant Katia
Opens at 10am.
Tel: 33 820 15 08

NEW: Uncle Sam’s American Diner


Another new restaurant in Dakar! Uncle Sam’s American Diner opened on Saturday, October 25th. It’s located across the street from the Airport Casino Hotel on the Route de l’Aeroport near Plage du Virage.


Comments from two Dakar Eats readers:

“Had already had lunch, so just stopped for ice cream. However, the crispy chicken looked good! The meal deals looked very reasonably priced.”

“We split the Philly cheesesteak and the chicken burger. The cheesesteak was tasty, though I can’t speak to its authenticity and the chicken burger was a giant chicken nugget on a decent bun. We’ll probably stick with Classic Burger, Yum Yum, and Planet Kebab for our fast food needs, but I’d pick Uncle Sam’s over Caesar’s in a pinch.”




Putting Dakar to the test

All the stars aligned themselves in such a way that I needed to restock lots of food items all at once. So I made my list, grabbed my phone and put Dakar to the test.

Text message 1: First things first… Place our dinner order with Annapurna Indian. They confirmed the order.

Text message 2: Ask Sen Express to pick up and deliver said Indian food. They confirmed the order.

Text message 3: Ask Sen Express to buy me 4 kilos of ground beef in Point E then deliver it to me. They confirmed the order.

Text message 4: Ask Abdou to bring me 3 kilos of filet de lotte. He did not confirm it, but he doesn’t usually so I just let it go to see what would happen.

Text message 5: Ask Marie Simone to make 4 dozen English muffins and 4 pizza crusts. She confirmed the order.

Text message 6: Ask Sen Express to buy me two 2-kilo blocks of mozzarella from CDA downtown. They confirmed the order.

Old school phone call: Ask Poulet Express to deliver 4 kilos of chicken legs and 2 kilos of ‘whites of chicken’.

I am very happy to report that EVERY ORDER arrived within the designated time frames. (And there was even a call to SOS Médécins + one more Sen Express run to the pharmacy wedged in the middle of it all.)

Bravo, Dakar. Bravo!

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