Trancefrumex in Ouakam


“I came across this wonderful shop. Senegal made/grown products, also a few things from other West African countries. A heaven send for people like me with coeliac disease, as they have lots of local cereals too.”

Located in Ouakam, just opposite Yum Yum. Thanks for the info, F. J.!





A long-overdue review: Le Lodge

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There’s a reason I haven’t gotten around the reviewing Le Lodge until now. I assumed everyone knew it and loved it, just like we do. But after having lunch there last week with a group of friends, I found out that not as many people know it as I’d thought. But everyone should! We’ve found it to be consistently great food at a reasonable price in a lovely atmosphere. It’s our go-to spot for lunch dates and small groups, and is especially nice in hot season.

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The ambiance is very nice with a beautiful pool out back and the service is very professional, but it’s not a stuffy, formal feel. The owner joked that she was going to put up a sign that said “Bermuda shorts and flip-flops welcome!”

By the way, the new owner is lovely and she’s updated some things, but kept the really good essentials (that is to say, my favorite menu items!). One of the things she’s implemented is a daily lunch special at around 5000 cfa – such a great deal! She’s also kept the 9500 cfa “menu” which include your choice of starter, entrée and dessert.

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All the starters I’ve ordered and nibbled off friends’ plates have been very good. I can’t tell you much about the entrée or dessert choices though because I love my “usual” so much that I can’t bring myself not to order it – and I try to persuade everyone else at the table to order it too. The lamb shoulder roast is simmered in veal stock and is so, so tender and rich. It’s served with delicious mashed potatoes and is always more than I can finish. But I have to save room for dessert, the Lodge’s delight, which is the most incredible vanilla idea cream with pears and caramel sauce… wow. My crème-brulée-loving friends seemed pretty enthralled with their choice too, I must say.

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Le Lodge is revising their menu in English to better serve their anglophone patrons. I’ll post it here as soon as it’s available. For now, here’s their menu in French.

Le Lodge – Menu in French

Le Lodge
Route du King Fahd, Almadies
Tel: 33 869 03 45

Review: M&M Bistrot

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I’ve often griped about the shortage of good breakfast options in Dakar. (And of course, by ‘good’ I mean not just baguette and jam.)

So I was very excited to see the menu from M&M Bistrot which opened a month ago on route de Ngor. Pancakes, waffles, omelets, hashbrowns… (Not to mention burgers, tacos, burritos, quesadillas and fajitas on their lunch and dinner menu. But that’ll be another post.)

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The owner lived in the US for many years and worked in hospitality, so there definitely some American touches at M&M. For example, when the server asked if we want the pancake syrup warmed, I nearly fell out of my booth. The only downside is that they don’t serve pork bacon or pork ham. But that’s totally understandable and to be expected here in Senegal.

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We ordered two lattes, pancakes and a veggie omelet – and we ordered in English, I might add.

The coffees were delicious, strong and with plenty of milk. The breakfast meals were presented well and tasted… Mmm-yum. It’s been a long time since I had buttermilk pancakes with warm maple syrup. I kept saying, “These are so good. These are so good…” And the omelet was very good too with plenty of veggies, not greasy and cooked well. We were very, very pleased and will definitely go back for breakfast. I’ve got my eye on waffles next…

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They have wifi, AC, a pool table, clean bathrooms… One good thing to know is that since they are located on the second floor, the big green M&M Bistrot sign is up high on the building. So when you’re cruising along down route de Ngor, you may not see it at first. It’s on the same side of the road as the Shell station, but directly across from restaurant Katia.

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Let me know if any of you beat me to going back to try their Tex-Mex menu items!

photo 2

M&M Bistrot
Route de Ngor, across from restaurant Katia
Opens at 10am.
Tel: 33 820 15 08

Presse Café’s new menus

Five reasons I love Presse Café:

- Legit coffee drinks and bagels. A true latte + Philadelphia cream cream on a real bagel.
– Location and convenience. On the way to downtown, but without having to go all the way downtown.
- Clean and quiet. Shhh… Sigh.
– Wifi and AC. ‘Nuf said.
- Variety and quality. Which also means frequently updated menu items!

Brunch menu

Brunch menu





Presse Café – Dakar
77 333 21 24 or 33 821 05 79
Located at the corner of Boulevard des Madeleines and Avenue Carnot.
Delivery available! Order via HelloFood.

Review: Surfer’s Paradise


There are lots of lovely things I could say about the various beach shacks in Les Almadies. I love Noflaye for its Jack Johnson music in the background, the aqua-colored chairs, cold drinks, and of course the view!


We were recently invited to go check out Surfer’s Paradise (in between La Cabane des Surfeurs/Surf Shack and Noflaye) and we were impressed with their menu (more of a selection, featuring some gourmet salads, pizza, sandwiches and more), their high deck featuring a fantastic span of the ocean, a kids’ playground with swings and a small bouncy house, and (my favorite) a coming-soon natural pool! The pool will be a small ‘cove’ sitting right against the ocean and will be pumped with ocean water.


It’s not as well decorated and eclectic as Noflaye, but it has its own set of beach vibe perks that are definitely worth checking out.


Happy Cheese Pizza Day!

HelloFood Senegal has brought a very important message to our attention:

Today, September 5th, is Cheese Pizza Day!

I’ll admit I’d never marked it on my calender before, but this is a day I am happy to celebrate to the fullest, crazy pizza fan that I am.

There are plenty of choices for ordering from HelloFood (La Piazzola, la Duchesse, Presse Café, Layal, Preggo…). The website still has some minor kinks in it (for example, our neighborhood isn’t listed as a delivery area, but the school down the street is) but it seems to be growing well. There’s a chat function that works well if you have questions as you browse and place your order.

The process is pretty simple and in the extra comments box I give detailed instructions for the delivery address and I’ve never had any problems. You’ll receive a confirmation by email… and then your pizza!