Kids for Kids Day on May 3rd!

Kids for Kids Dakar

The Dakar Women’s Group presents a fun-filled day for the whole family!

The 10th annual Kids for Kids Day on Saturday, May 3rd, from 11am to 4pm at the International School of Dakar (ISD) on the Corniche.

Entertainment for big and small kids with games, a huge raffle with prizes, live entertainment, delicious food and craft vendors specializing in children’s articles.

Entry: 500cfa

Download the poster here: k4kENG ok

Guest post: The WARC restaurant

Today’s guest post recommending a local restaurant is from a very special contributor, my husband, who jokingly refers to himself as ‘Mr. Dakar Eats’. As you’ll see, it’s probably best that he keeps his day job. ;)

The email he sent me included this information and the photo below:

“2 meal choices/day. 1,000-1,500cfa”


When I asked for more details, here’s what I got:
- very good, simple meals
- usually one Senegalese dish and one ‘brochette’-type meal
- good for a good, quick lunch
- nice ambiance
- you’ll hear English, French and Wolof

So there you have it, a guest post by Mr. Dakar Eats. And while it may not be the most informative post on here, it’s the first time he’s ever sent me a recommendation to share, so it must have made a pretty good impression!


West African Research Center (WARC) Restaurant
Rue Leon Gontron Damas
Tel: 33 865 22 77

Say (smoked) cheese!


Smoked Gouda, Emmental, Cheddar and custom cheese orders are now available in Dakar!

Dakar has a wide selection of international goodies, but smoked cheese options were pretty limited – until now. The cheeses are all cold-smoked with a mixture of local and imported hard woods and fruit woods. They are then vacuum sealed to preserve the flavor and freshness of the cheese.

This week Shawn will have smoked Cheddar (8000 cfa / 500g), smoked Emmental (5000 cfa / 500g) and smoked Gouda (6500 cfa / 500g) available for purchase in Point E. Call 77-385-99-02 (English or French) for pricing and to place your order.

Unsure of what to do with smoked cheese? Four words: smokey mushroom Emmental burger. HEAVEN!

My favorite restaurants (#22)

People often ask for restaurant recommendations in Dakar. I’m a bit hesitant to do so simply because if there’s one thing that’s consistent about the food scene in Dakar, it’s that it can be inconsistent. So in order to give a nice, well-rounded view of things, I’m asking readers to give their opinions as well. If you’d be willing to participate, please email me!.

Today we’re hearing from Bill, a consultant who moved to Dakar with his family in 2013.

Favorite pizza:
Sam’s Pizza is the tastiest, but for favorite I go with Sao Brasil, especially now that they got rid of the scary bats in their trees.

Favorite burgers and fries:
Classic Burger. Murica!

Favorite ice cream:
I <3 Gelato is pretty good though walking through all of the Talibe children in the parking lot makes you think of the unfairness of this life.

Favorite ethnic restaurant:
Jardin Thailandais in Point E.

Favorite Senegalese restaurant and/or meal:
“La Plage du Djip Samba” in Almadies. If you go at 1pm, they always have some delicious Senegalese food ready to eat for 1500 CFA.

Favorite breakfast or brunch:
Sunugal in Ngor. It doesn’t look like anything from the outside, but it’s a pretty bomb brunch and kids can play in the shallow lagoon without fear of them getting pulled out to sea. Sometimes they have old colonial types who look disturbed by noisy kids, but whatevs.

Favorite little beach restaurant:
Probably the first place I went to in Dakar was Cabane du Surfeurs, I said then “Life doesn’t suck too badly” and still stand by it.

Favorite old standby:
Egg Sandwich Ladies all around Dakar.

Favorite splurge:
The Lamantin in Saly was pretty incredible. I’ve heard the food at Collines de Niassam is even more.

Favorite place to enjoy a good coffee:
Layu is chill.

If I were stranded on a deserted island and could have only one of Dakar’s restaurants, it would be:
Mr. Pascal Min of Shabat Restaraunt. The man is Macgyver. I also would like Shady from Shady Shack to forage around the island to make his garlic sauce.

What is missing from the Dakar food scene?

Thanks, Bill!

2 reviews in 1: HelloFood and La Piazzola

I’ve been meaning to try out HelloFood‘s online ordering for delivery, but just haven’t gotten around to it. But today’s been busy and it was 2pm before I started thinking about lunch. Pizza sounded good (as always) and I’ve also been meaning to try La Piazzola. So, feeling quite adventurous, I tackled both at once!


The HelloFood website still has some kinks in it (for example, our neighborhood isn’t listed as a delivery area, but the school down the street is) but it’s getting more filled out and seems to be growing well.

Ordering was pretty simple and in the extra comments box I gave detailed instructions for the delivery address.

The pizzas from La Piazzola sounded good and I loved that they actually had pork chorizo as an option. Dark pink beef ham and I are not friends, especially on pizza. And I love good chorizo.

I made my selection and received a confirmation on the HelloFood site that my order had been received and it said I’d receive both an email and text message confirmation soon. One out of two’s not bad, right? ;)

The message also said delivery time would be 20 minutes.

The doorbell rang 26 minutes later with one lovely chorizo pizza delivered by a very polite gentleman who apparently understood my directions.

Score, score, score.

(Bonus: The pizza came with a packet of spicy Hot Pizz. I love that stuff!)


La piazzola
Located in Mermoz on route de Ouakam, near the old Score store, across from CFAO Technologie.
33 860 3614 or 70 648 1380