Dear restaurants of Dakar…

We love that so many of you have Facebook pages now! It’s really helpful. But a few requests…

1. Don’t create your restaurant’s Facebook presence as an individual that we have to ‘friend’. Create a business page that we can ‘like’.

2. Please, please add your address, hours of operation and phone numbers so we can find you!

3. Real photos taken in your restaurant are 100x better than stock images. Maybe even 150x.

4. Share a link to your restaurant’s page below so we can ‘like’ you and find out more about your menu and specials.


Yum-Yum Ramadan Special

Yum-Yum has launched new oven-baked Yum’Baguette sandwiches, a homemade bread loaf filled with delicious ingredients and baked on-site. There are currently three Yum’Baguettes on the menu.


- Meat Lover: beef meatballs, spicy sausage, roasted chicken, onions, tomatoes, mozzarella

- Chicken Lover: roasted chicken, onions, green peppers, mozzarella, BBQ sauce

- Deli Lover: pepperoni sausage, beef ham, green olives, tomatoes, emmental cheese

Yum’Baguettes are 1500 cfa each and you can add a 33cl drink for 500cfa.

Yum’Baguettes are a limited-time offer during Ramadan, but the way things are going… it may become a permanent menu item!


PS. They also have a Ramadan special donut filled with dates, which is pretty good.

NB: During Ramadan, Yum-Yum is open from 3pm to 11pm (Sunday to Thursday) and 3pm to 1am (Friday and Saturday).

Beer-Sheba beef, now in Dakar!

This is very, very good news! Absolutely the best beef in Senegal.

Hello Community,

Wanted to let you all know that Beer-Sheba has begun a weekly beef delivery service to Dakar. Each Thursday we will be coming into Dakar with ground beef. Please contact me with your orders and we will arrange for a central delivery location(s).

However, with a minimum 30kg order (ie. spread the news, get your friends involved), we will deliver directly to your home, office or organization.

Price is 3500 CFA/kg, frozen, 1kg packages.

Joell Friesen
Business Development
+221 77 152 7602

Noflaye Beach


There’s a new ‘it place’ in Dakar and it’s Noflaye Beach restaurant. Take the laid back feel of a surf shack and upgrade the décor to something Pinterest-worthy (the bathrooms!) and the standard Dakarois menu to include a variety of delicious savoury crêpes served with a lovely little salad or sweet dessert crêpes for a treat. And of course, all of this with a great ocean view and a space to relax and catch some rays or take a dip.

That’s Noflaye Beach.


Located on the Corniche des Almadies, between the Cabane des Surfeurs and Hotel des Almadies. Look for the big sign.

Tel: 33 820 3032

They have a great Facebook page, by the way! See their full menu there.





Thanks for the photos, Jenn!

The NEW Guidebook to Dakar is now on sale!

The Dakar Women’s Group is very happy to announce that the NEW edition of The Guidebook to Dakar is available at 4 Vents bookstores across the city. Price is 12,000cfa and includes both the guidebook and a map of current must-know locations in Dakar.


From medical care to household maintenance, office and business services, shops, restaurants, nightlife, hotels and catering and everything in between – this is the essential reference for life in Dakar!

A great place to watch World Cup games!


The Churrascaria Brasil in Fann Hock recently expanded (more tables, room for groups) and is a great place to watch World Cup games.

The restaurant serves an all-you-can-eat salad bar, beans, rice and other sides to accompany their grilled selections of chicken, steak, pork, etc. There’s also a variety of beer and wine choices. Friendly service and one of the best meals in Dakar at this price.

Adult- 8,900cfa
Kids- 6-9, half price

Thanks for the info, Jenn!




Churrascaria Brasil
7 rue Fila, Fann Hock
Tel: 33 821 0032 or 77 523 0492

Open Mon-Sat, from 5pm, on, Sun, from noon-3pm.

You can find the Churrascaria Brasil, and other good-to-knows, on the Dakar Eats map below.